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Wang Si Restaurant
Area Shajiabang
As a long-standing and well-established restaurant, Wang Si Restaurant started in the 13 years of Guangxu reign of Qing Dynasty(1887), and boasted a 120 years history. Inherited its traditional feature of “native-made and fresh from wild”, it is well-known all around Jiangnan since many famous celebrities and men of literature came out of admiration. To name a few, the famous poet in the late Qing Dynasty Yi Junzuo came when he traveled Yu Mountain, the renowned caricaturist Feng Zikai, the Chinese painting artist Pu Baoshi, writer Zhou Shoujuan all contributed their paintings or drawings or calligraphies here. These contributions all enlightened Wang Si with their presence. Even more flattering, the Soong Sisters came in 1947, which became a much-told story at that time.     
On April 2004, the sub branch of Wang Si Restaurant opened in Sha Jiabang. With three floors, each floor has different functions. On the first floor, the dining hall can accommodate 150 people at the same time. The second floor has dining halls and dining boxes, the third floor separates two big dining boxes, and can each holds 16-20 guests. We are specialized in the local dishes, fresh product from the rivers and lakes, the seasonable vegetables, stewed sauced wild meat, etc. Our staff members in Sha Jiabang sub restaurant will do our best to satisfy every guest.
Menu: baked chicken vagabond style of Wang Si recipe
      The signature pig feet
      Fried mushrooms grown in pine tree
      Steamed three fresh vegetable
      Sweet glutinous rice with osmanthus sauce