7 Bowl Tea House
Area Unknown

Situated in the picturesque Changshu, who has a delightful weather all the year round, 7 Bowl Tea House serves its guests with varied green tea, black tea, flower tea, red tea , and oolong , etc.
7 Bowl of Tea Song
Run-throat kiss a bowl, two bowls of breaking solitary boring.
Three bowls search desperately, only the text 5000 volume.
Siwan light-Khan, his life a grievance to the best of the pores scattered.
Musculoskeletal Wu Wan-ching, Liu Wan-pass Faerie.
Did not eat seven bowls, the only two axillary blowing breeze students feel.
   7 Bowl Tea House is the best choice for those who love tea; it is also an ideal place for refreshment and entertainment. 7 Bowl Tea House is the fashion icon of tea.
Name: 7 Bowl Tea House
Charge: cash