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Changshu Hotel
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Seated in the downtown area of picturesque Changshu City, Changshu Hotel is only 100 meters away from Changshu Municipal Government. In the west, it is adjacent to the wavering Yu Mountain, half of which is in the city. The Shang Lake and the Kun Cheng Lake are both facing the Yu Mountain, which enhance each other’s beauty. With seven lakes across the city, graceful gardens and secluded lanes dotted among it, it enjoys a special feature of Wu culture. And the mountains, the lakes, the town and the gardens are blending perfectly with each other.
The fresh new Changshu Hotel is managed discretionarily by Guangdong(International) Hotel Management Holdings Limited, whose subsidiary hotels spread in Hong Kong, Macro, Pearl River Deter area, Chang River Deter area, the areas around Bohai Bay, the middle and the southwest part of China.
Inherited the honesty, clean and efficient enterprise culture from its former, Guangdong(International) Hotel Management Holdings Limited focuses on the creativity of corporate concept. It has gained extraordinary score of considerate profits in all its hotels in the acute competition of hotel business.
With a service aim of sincerity, honesty, and politeness, the Company provides its customers with personalized service through service and management innovation. It committed at enhancing its culture by cultivating a differential competition capability, and blended its own feature into management.

Housekeeping department: we have 165 luxurious and comfortable rooms. The newly decorated rooms fully explain our service concept. The advanced concept, fashionable facility, and warm service bring you a delicate and graceful enjoyment. Besides, for those businessmen and people looking for refreshment, we have broadband access network in every room.
Food & Beverage : The hotel has different dining halls of Chinese-style and Western-style, banquet halls, and luxury banquet halls, with all together 1000 seats. With different classical dishes, our hotel proudly has famous chefs of Canoness cuisine, and we mainly serve Canoness Cuisine, Cuisine of Suzhou and traditional local Cuisine. I’m sure you will find surprise here, and the cost will pay back, we’ll bring you overwhelming taste enjoyment. With comfortable dining environment, considerate and personalized service, we will surely leave you a beautiful memory here.
Conference Room: we have 5 conference rooms which can each hold different numbers of people, from 20 to 500. It will be your perfect choice for different purposes, for instance, to meet a distinguished guest, to host a news release conference or for on-job training, etc. Based on your demands, we’ll provide a well-thought design to make your conference an excellent experience.