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Grand Opening of the 15th Shajiabang Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crabs Food Festival

2014-09-23    admin    Browsed:1851

     Golden autumn season is the best time to taste crab and enjoy reed catkins by boat; visitors can eat delicious crabs, taste great tea, enjoy beautiful scenery, and appreciate special opera, so it is a great blessing for sense of taste, sight and hearing. Today, a special opening ceremony is being held in pleasant and green Shajiabang Scenic Area; the 15th Shajiabang Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crabs Food Festival officially opens. As the opening of the food festival, there are a lot of distinguished guests and it is very busy lively at the spot.
     The food festival has the theme of “Crabs, I come”, conducts a series of colorful celebration activities, takes “food festival” as an opportunity and “crab” as the link, fullly displays Shajiaban history and culture, customs and folkway, completely shows the world, a beautiful, rich, outstanding and prosperous new Shajiaban. Now, we invite all guests to together appreciate wonderful and gorgeous scenery of Shajiabang and experience the people of Shajiabang reed mash, feel Shajiabang humanity history. We will consider the food festival the gold bridge of cooperation between Shajiabang and all other regions!