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Ideal Time to Enjoy Blooming Peony in Shanghu Lake

2014-04-16    admin    Browsed:719

    Come to enjoy the peony in April. 2014 the 23rd China (Changshu) Shanghu Lack Peony Show is well conducted; Shanghu Lake peony has been into full bloom; it is the best time to travel, no longer hesitate; just come to enjoy peony in Shanghu Lake quickly!
     Now, it is sunny and spring is evident everywhere. 2014 the 23rd China Shanghu Peony Show officially has the “feast” of flowers. At present, it is the best season to enjoy flowers in Shanghu Lack Peony Show and during the period, there are the most blooming varieties in the park. Peony, tulips, night sakura, prunus persica, Chinese wisteria, together with blue sky and willow constitute the colorful spring and present seas of flower landscape. The sea of flowers and people become a unique landscape. The visiting peak is on the way. It is ideal time for spring outing, so don’t miss the wonderful and colorful spring and just come to Mount Yu Shanghu Lake to have spring outing, enjoy flowers, clear lung, release pressure and enjoy happy time of family vacation in the beautiful scenes; besides, during the period, there are clown performances, marriage customs performances, Jiangshang cruise performances, tea tasting, Kunqu opera singing activities, thus, Shanghu Lake becomes a holiday resort.