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Wisteria Verandah— Tang Yin’s inspiration of painting on boat

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Wisteria Veranda is built with quality wood. The shade in spring and summer shuns the sun and make people feel fresh and cool. The gentle breeze, whispering birds, fragrant flowers, and the view of lotus flowers overlooked from green hills all make you feel beyond the earth. Here people and nature are in natural harmony, and your body and soul will be purified. When the setting sun in autumn and winter shines languishingly on the sparkling lake, the verandah turns into a natural and peaceful community where people can talk everything under the sun.
Seeing the fascinating scenery at Yushan Hill and Shanghu Lake, Tang Yin’(the first among Four Gifted Scholars in Jiangnan Area) s inspiration of painting was aroused immediately, and he was appreciating while painting by boat specially by boat. He painted one by one, but still felt he couldn’t catch the essence of it. At last he painted dozens of pieces all abandoned into paper balls in the cabin of the boat. After touring around Yushan Hill, he paid and was about to leave for town, the owner of the boat asked, “Do you still want to take the paintings in the cabin?” “Those can be burned to ashes as fire-leading thing.” After Tang Yuan’s leaving, the owner hurried to take the paper balls and spread smoothly, only to find that each one of 71 pieces is so amazing. The next day, he put them in the market, and they were quickly sold out, so he made a good fortune. In order to commemorate the allusion, the veranda designed the place as “Tang Yin’s inspiration of painting on boat”.