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Folklore at Yushan Hill and Shanghu Lake— White Lotus Pool ( Cross River Cave) at Xingfu Temple

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When two dragons fought, the black dragon broke the hill and flied away while the white one escaped to the ground cave. The white dragon crossed the Yangtze River and finally emerged out of the ground in the Wolf Mountain of Nantong. The white dragon’s ground-breaking place was the White Lotus Pool between Xingfu Temple and Gragon-vanquished Gully. “White Dragon Shrine” was built at the White Lotus Pool at Ming Dynasty under the reign of Emperor Jiangjing. It was said that the giant white lotus was incarnated by the white dragon scale, and there was a Cross River Cave which could go across the Yangtze River and directly reach the Wolf Mountain of Nantong at the bottom of White Lotus Pool. According to the legend, there was no water during the period of 11 p.m.-1 a.m. and 1 a.m.-3 a.m. July 7 every lunar year when people could to the river bottom to mine the gold sand. Though the legend went like this, the small diameter of the dark cave, and the fear of being drowned after proper time made no one dare to rush the gold there.
One year, a young man from Changshu lost all his possessions owing to gambling and determined to go into the hold to find gold desperately. Around midnight that day, the man brought a cane basket and seven candles covered with vegetable oil, and came straight down the bottom. when he got there, he found glittering gold sand, because the sand was washed from the Yangtze River to this vast place where water flew slowly and settled. He was so overjoyed that he filled the three-foot deep rattan basket. The basket was specially-made with wheels on it, so when it was put flatly, it changed to a cart. Though the gold sand was heavy, he could manage to pull it. Seeing three candles’ exhausted, he pushed the basket back while he found a difficult situation— the basket couldn’t turn around in this shallow cave and without any cover, the sand would be overthrown completely. But after a second thought, he found the other way out from the Wolf Mountain. From that way the sand wouldn’t be dumped with the basket upside. Unexpectedly, he heard several coughs from the front without climbing much road. Was there someone from Nantong to find the gold too?
There was also a young man who got down from Nantong with a basket uncovered. He encountered the same problem as the young man from Changshu. So it was only one basket from them that could be taken out of the cave. They negotiated about how to separate the gold sand. About the problem of 50-50 or 40-60 division, they quarreled with each other while forgetting the time limitation. When the sixth candle was about to burn out, they realized suddenly and tried to escape to the exit. But it was too late. They were drowned in the cave, and the cave was blocked, then soon fallen to oblivion.