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Folklore at Yushan Hill and Shanghu Lake— Spiral Shell without tail

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Without knowing the exact age, a young monk at Xingfu Temple couldn’t stand the vegetarian meals throughout the year, so he sneaked to get some spiral shells to cook at nearby river. Just as he cut the tails of spiral shells and was about to cook, his misbehavior was reported. The Buddhist abbot found that those spiral shells were still alive without tails, so he ordered the young monk to release them into the White Lotus Pond. That’s why the White Lotus Pond is also named Releasing Pond. After throwing them into the pond, the Buddhist abbot sat in meditation beside the pond and recited prayers. An hour later, those spiral shells without tails came to life again and settled down in the White Lotus Pond. The weird thing was that these offspring of the spiral shells have no tails too. People found it so unusual that they gave the spiral shells at this pond a specific name— Spiral Shells without tails