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Folklore at Yushan Hill and Shanghu Lake— the First Emperor of Qin Dynasty Drove the Hill

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The first emperor of Qin Dynasty whipped out Qinpo Gully. The emperor visited Changshu in his later years. He intended to climbe up the Yushan Hill to view the sea. However, as he climbed to the mid-levels, he couldn’t help breathing hard, sweating all-over and had to rest on the ground. On seeing this, one trusted chancellor knew the emperor was not able to climb to the peak, so he offered, “Why not use the mountain whip to drive the hill to the sea so that you could sit on it and view the sea?” The emperor hurried to take out the whip and slashed Yushan Hill very hard, thinking to himself: the whip was given by a fairy, and used to drive Taishan Mountain to the shore of the Yellow Sea, not mentioning little Yushan Hill. Nevertheless, no matte how hard he slashed, it still rested still. It turned out that Yushan Hill was also named Cattle Lying Hill, because it was transformed by a deity cattle with four feet deeply buried, which is impossible for the outside force to shake it. The emperor saw the deep grooved whipped half hill while Yushan Hill were still there, so he had no choice but to climb down.
      Since then, The place where the emperor sat was called “Qin Slope”, and the deep groove he whipped out was now “Qinpo Gully” which still rests in west Yushan Hill.