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Baoyan Red Bayberry Festval— Summer Forest Eco-tourism Festival at Yushan Hill

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There are thousands of acres of red bayberry with near 180 old bayberry trees with a history of over a hundred years, and more than 20 varieties at Baoyan Scenic Area. Red bayberry at Baoyan has a planting history of at least 900 years. It can be dated back to the Changshu County Record edited at Qing Dynasty under the reign of Kangxi, “Baoyan red bayberry bears fruits fully at May of the lunar year, and tourists scramble fro watching it.” In June and July, Baoyan Bayberry turns red or even purple like jewel hanging on the tree, alternated with green leaves, and the color is so dazzling that it gives perfect delight to eyes. People gather from different places and linger here. What makes the custom of “seeing red bayberry” spread like temple fair which can last hundreds of years lies the charm of red bayberry. Here you can see as well as taste the fresh. At red bayberry festival, you can see, pick, and taste red bayberry as well as savor local ecological dishes and Yushan tea, listen to folk songs in Wu Area, which will make you linger. Moreover, burning incense with a history of over 800 years has become a featured traditional activity Baoyan Bayberry Festival, and the custom of “tasting red bayberry, burning incense, rolling the God of Wealth, and praying for health and prosperity” has come down to this day.
      Baoyan Bayberry Festival at Yushan Hill, Changshu has been held for 12 sessions. Entering ancient bayberry forest, you will see the flourishing leaves and branches. Juicy red bayberries are dotted in the shade of tend green leaves. Tourists from all over the country can not only taste the sweet-and-sour fresh bayberry, but also touch the charm of ecology and culture at Yushan Hill.
      The festival is held in June each year. Baoyan Bay, fronting water and with hills on the back, provides perfect micro-climate for the bayberry growth thanks to its fine ecological environment. Big round crystal clear Baoyan bayberry not only tastes good, but also forms the inviting scenery of “dotted red shaded in lush green” in harvest season. According to historical records, the history of “seeing bayberry” can be traced back to Southern Song Dynasty, and “seeing bayberry and burning incense” has become an important tradition of praying for prosperity and harvest. Baoyan Bayberry Festival carries forward it with local ecological and culture contents. During the festival, tourists can see, taste, pick red bayberry by themselves. What’s more, activities like, the folk custom and tea ceremony show, will interpret the best traditional custom of “viewing bayberry with thousands of people”.