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Autumn Gourmet Festival

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Shanghu Lake at the piedmont of Yushan Hill got its name from Jiang Shang (Jiang Taigong) secluding himself from King Zhou the tyrant and angling here in the lake. The dwelling of this mysterious semi-god leaves people with both many well-known fairytales and especially a delicious food gathering named Taigong Banquet.
      Yushan Hill, the highest hill in Yangtze Delta, stretches for more than ten miles and is abundant with exuberant and fertile trees producing pine fungus, sweet osmanthus chestnuts, and Yushan green tea, etc. Shanghu Lake of 800 hectares is blessed with high-quality water profuse with fishes, shrimps crabs, water caltrops, lotuses, cress and other lake foods. When Jiang Shang lived in seclusion here, he applied the local culinary art in cooking the specialties and invented quite a number of unique dishes. Jiang Shang accepted at his 80 the sincere invitations of King Wen of Zhou state, and assisted him in dethroning King Zhou and governing the country. It is said that before he left Jiang Shang treated the neighborhood with twelve delicately prepared dishes and said in emotion that he was serving the fairy livings with their own precious produces. In memory of Jiang’s friendly attachment and respectable morality, people gave the name “Taigong Banquet” to the twelve dishes. And the Banquet in recently years has been timely adjusted for modern palate while preserving the traditional flavor in.