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Dragon-boat Race at Shanghu Lake

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Water in Shanghu Lake covering 800 hectares takes the first place among all the Lakes in Southern Jiangsu for its high quality which meets the National Class B Standard. Tradition keeps on in this water for dragon-boat race which is on the list of non-material cultural heritages because of its combination of competition, entertainment and culture. It is said that five-color string brings good luck and health to its owner. The tradition is well blended into the dragon-boat race in which participating boats in five distinct colors. Drums and gongs snarl to boost the morale of the rowers under respective umbrella lead. Teams from various parts of the country are invited to gather here in May and add a hilarious splendor on the water. Combining the traditional culture and sports spirit the dragon-boat race on Shanghu Lake stands out as a typical Jiangnan Watertown custom. The dragon-boats gallops as the oars paddle and songs echo. The early summer of Changshu gets rigor from the gathering and sea of blossoms.