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Shajiabang National Defense Education Park

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The National Defense Education Park in the north of Shajiabang Scenic Area is designed to advance the educational effort and strengthen people’s awareness in national defense. Visitors could involve themselves in various activities in the Park. The Park occupies a 130-mu land divided into 5 sections. Exhibited in section one are military arms including two fighters of the fifth and sixth generation, a training fighter of the sixth generation, two amphibious tanks of type 63 and 63A, two 105 gun howitzers, and four 37mm single-barreled antiaircraft guns. Section two is arranged to be a battleship amusement arcade demonstrating 20 battleships. In section three visitors could be the shooters in Shajiabang Shooting Sports Center constituted of Rifle Shooting Hall, Paintball Shooting Hall, and Outdoor Shooting Field. Section four is an amusement park for children and outward bound area for adults. The outward bound includes five novelty bridges namely the Flying Rings Bridge, Sea and River Bridge, Hurdle Bridge, Swing Bridge, Ropeway Bridge and Suspended Bridge, plus other projects such as Tramping over Hills and Wading through Waters, Hand in Hand, Identical Minds, Tire Swing Bridge, Unarmed Rescue, Courteous Traffic, Identical Moves, and Probing through the Grid. Section five provides an outdoor camping area to campers.