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Red Rock Village of Local Customs and Aquatic Plants District

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The Red Rock Village of Local Customs and Aquatic Plants District is located at the center of the holiday resort and welcomes the visitors with a horizontal tablet inscribed with four characters Tian Kai Bo Jing (The Lake, the Creator’s Work) which tell the water-bounded feature of the two districts. The Red Rock Village is a masterpiece of construction reproducing the traditional water town style in the period of Anti-Japanese War. The houses are built by water which carries squeaking boats idling in the reeds and fills the bamboo groves, ponds and streams nurturing rural families.
      Museums of Root Carving Arts and Marriage Customs demonstrate well the typical life of Shajiabang. Visitors familiarized with the Peking opera Shajiabang tend to find a seat in Chun Lai Teahouse, drinking tea and appreciating the staged opera or the dragon and lion dances. Aquatic Plants District is right in the neighborhood where visitors linger among the amazing plants and poetic constitution of pavilions and bridges. Visitors enjoy also the chance of angling here in the Club in Twin Lotus Pavilion. Three hundred meters of lakeside are planned for the angling. What a pleasant life it is to sit amid the reeds and lotuses angling for relaxation and exaltation!