Baoyan Red Bayberry Festval— Summer Forest Eco-tourism Festival at Yushan Hill

There are thousands of acres of red bayberry with near 180 old bayberry trees with a history of over a hundred years, and more than 20 varieties at Baoyan Scenic Area. Red bayberry at Baoyan has a planting history of at least 900 years. It can be dated back to the Changshu County Record edited at Qing Dynasty under the reign of Kangxi, “Baoyan red bayberry bears fruits fully at May of the lunar year, and tourists scramble fro watching it.”

Autumn Gourmet Festival

Shanghu Lake at the piedmont of Yushan Hill got its name from Jiang Shang (Jiang Taigong) secluding himself from King Zhou the tyrant and angling here in the lake. The dwelling of this mysterious semi-god leaves people with both many well-known fairytales and especially a delicious food gathering named Taigong Banquet.

Dragon-boat Race at Shanghu Lake

Water in Shanghu Lake covering 800 hectares takes the first place among all the Lakes in Southern Jiangsu for its high quality which meets the National Class B Standard. Tradition keeps on in this water for dragon-boat race which is on the list of non-material cultural heritages because of its combination of competition, entertainment and culture. It is said that five-color string brings good luck and health to its owner. The tradition is well blended into the dragon-boat race in which participating boats in five distinct colors.

Water Street Beer Festival

The Beer Festival from July 17th to 26th every year welcomes visitors in the beautiful night views constituted of gallery bridges on the water and magnificent moon over lights. Visitors linger in the scenes with cool fresh beer, elegant dances and delicious foods. Auto Show exhibits 80 car models of 24 automakers in Changshu, fashioning a shining point on the festival.